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We started our electricity brokerage firm almost 10 years ago and since then, we have grown to become one of the best brokerage firms in Texas.  We serve our clients with their benefits and interests in mind and we make sure that we never let our customers down.  We usually secure the best deals for our clients by sending in bids to multiple providers we have in our portfolio. The process takes awhile but the end result is always what our customers are looking for.  Once the bids are secured, we bring the bids to our customers and discuss the pros and cons of the bids from all the companies.  The ultimate decision will always be our customers, but we offer our guidance to ensure our customers are making the right decision.  So, why not give us a call and see for yourself of our work?

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Some of the reasons our customers choose us are:

1. We provide superior customer service.

2. We look after our clients’ interests.

3. We provide complete transparency.

4. We work tirelessly to procure the best deals for our clients.

5. We keep our clients informed at every level of the deal.

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Fixed Product

Index Product

Block and Index

Customers generally choose this  product to protect themselves from market volatility if they are prone to risk of the market. This product eliminates any risk associated with market fluctuations.

Customers choose this product to take full advantage of the wholesale market.  This product allows customers to maximize savings while taking very little risk.

Customers choose this product to hedge a portion of their electricity load with Fixed and Index products together.  This product protects the customers from 50% of market volatility.

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